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Security Deposit

Blue Spruces Cottages Security Deposit

Dear Guests:

Due to unfortunate recent events, we have had to modify the way in which we manage risk to our property. This is also inclusive of any policies resulting in potential fines upon departure of guest stays. This is not a policy we wanted to enforce. Up to now, we have deliberately stayed away from introducing a Security Deposit as we are firm believers in building strong and respectful relationships with our guests.

However, recent events have created a change in policy. This page outlines the Security Deposit which will become mandatory effective the 2021 season.

Thank you, The Blue Spruces Management.

Security Deposit - Effective 2021

Returning Guests: As you know, we truly value and respect the commitment you make toward returning to Blue Spruces Cottages year after year. Many of you have been staying at Blue Spruces for decades. Over the years, you have seen many highs and lows and changes to how the cottages have been run. When we took over in 2017, our priority was, and remains to ensure our returning guests always want to return.


As a result of a recent complaint from a first-time guest, we have been requested to amend our approach to managing damages, loss, or disrespect toward our property.


The policies we have implemented since taking ownership of Blue Spruces in 2017 have all been to improve Blue Spruces and minimize the chances of damages, losses, and disrespect toward our property. At no time has any fee been implemented to falsely charge our guests.  As returning guests you are aware that we respect you as you respect us.


• First-time Guests: Our priority is always towards building strong relationships with our guests. Up to now, we have not always requested a credit card to be placed on file as we prefer the honour system approach. Due to unfortunate recent events, we have now implemented changes that require a valid credit card for the purposes of damages/losses. We appreciate that 99.9% of our guests are respectful toward our property. Unfortunately, it is the 0.1% that has forced us into this policy implementation.


Understanding the Security Deposit: Our Security Deposit covers a few different areas that ensure costs are recuperated as a result of unforeseen circumstances. The Security Deposit amount is $250.00 and is a pre-authorized amount against a valid credit card that MUST be provided at the time of check-in. NO payment is processed unless there is the due cause in which to do so. In these cases, photos will be taken whenever possible!

The Security Deposit covers the following areas:


Keys: A $25 charge is assessed for non-returned keys.


Smoking/Drugs: We have a strict NO SMOKING/DRUG use policy of ANY nature within our cottages. Any guest found in violation of this policy will be asked to cease immediately. This is inclusive of Chewing tobacco. Any guest found in violation of this policy will be fined the full Security Deposit amount. Guests are permitted to smoke outside of the cottages but are asked to be mindful and respectful towards others, especially children. We also request that all cigarette/cigar butts are picked up and disposed of appropriately. Please note that this policy also applies to the use of Cannabis. As we are family and pet-friendly, the use of Cannabis is strictly forbidden anywhere on the property. Absolutely NO smoking is permitted within the children's play area.


• Pets: We gladly welcome pets! In order to protect our furniture and linen, we ask that you keep pets off the furniture, period. Should it be discovered that upon departure pets have been allowed on the furniture inclusive of beds and couches, a minimum $50 fee will be charged to the credit card on file. Please refer to our Pet Policies page for further information regarding bringing pets.


Damages and Losses: 

We understand that accidents do happen! However, guests are responsible for paying any related costs for damages/losses to the property and/or inventory items. We apologize for having to enforce this policy but have been forced to do so after far too many things being broken or gone missing without disclosure. We offer our guests the opportunity to disclose such damages/losses and leave a note behind with funds to cover these costs. Should any damage or loss be identified after check-out without disclosure, a minimum $25 fee will apply. Should the damage/loss be greater than $25, your credit card will be charged the applicable amount.


Cleanliness: We take the matter of providing our guests with a clean and tidy environment seriously. All we can ask in return is that our guests kindly leave our cottages in a respectful condition. In order to assist with this, we do appreciate guests disposing of their garbage and recycling in the bins located at the rear of the property. Should our cottages be left in a state of disarray requiring excessive cleaning time, charges may apply.

Late Departures: Unless previously arranged with management, all guests are expected to vacate by the latest 10 am on the day of their scheduled departure. Guests that fail to depart on time may be subject to charges, as late departures put Blue Spruces at risk of not having cottages ready for incoming guests. Guests could be charged $50 for each one-half hour of late departure.


Maximum Occupancy: Our cottages have a maximum occupancy based upon available space, beds, cot beds, and pull-out couches. Should ANY guests violate the maximum occupancy of a cottage without prior permission from the management of Blue Spruces, they will be fined the full Security Deposit amount and also be not permitted to return to Blue Spruces. Maximum occupancy numbers are located on our respective cottage description pages.

Once again, We deeply apologize for having to enforce the Security Deposit policy as a result of the actions of a select few guests. We appreciate that some guests may not have access to a valid credit card and respect the fact that we typically allow payment through other means based on the honour system. Should you have any questions or concerns pertaining to this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us. All charges are subject to HST.

Thank you,

Blue Spruces Management.

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