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Frequently Asked Questions

Blue Spruces Cottages
Answers to some commonly asked questions...

Who is the Management at Blue Spruces Cottages?

Effective mid-July 2017, Blue Spruces Cottages is now under new ownership and management. The cottages are managed by Suzette and Robert Norton with their son Noah keeping guests entertained!

What time is Check-in and out?

3:00 pm is our standard check-in time to allow for cleaning prior to new guests arriving. Should you require an earlier check-in time, please contact us in advance. Should you be arriving after 6:00 pm, we always communicate with you via a welcome message placed on our office door with instructions on getting to and into your cottage.


Our standard check-out time is 10:00 am (effective 2020) in order to provide us with ample time to prepare for incoming guests. Keys can be left at the main office when open, or in the box located at the front of the office. We ask guests NOT to leave keys in the cottage and depart without notice.

What are your cancellation policies?

For a complete rundown of all our policies inclusive of general or forced cancellations, last-minute cancellations, and no-shows, please refer to our policies page (click here)

What is provided in the cottages?

We provide bath, hand, and face towels, but DO NOT provide beach towels. We request that customers bring their own beach towels and not take those provided to the beach. Red sand and white towels don't mix very well :-). The kitchens are equipped with the usual utensils, pots, pans, plates, dishes, mugs, glasses, tea towels, and dishcloths. Each cottage has its own barbecue and utensils. Toilet paper, hand & dish soap, and kitchen towels are also provided. Beds are also made for the start of your stay.

What are your health and hygiene policies?

All of our cottages are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between stays. We take pride in providing our guests with a clean and comfortable environment to begin their stay. We invite all guests to notify us of any issues regarding cleanliness and we will do our utmost to rectify the concern.

Is there a minimum or maximum stay at the cottages?

We have a minimum Three-night stay at Blue Spruces but there is no maximum. Most guests typically stay with us anywhere between 3-14 nights.

Is there a designated "Quiet Time" at the cottages?

Although Blue Spruces is known for its peace and quiet, at times we do have larger group gatherings that can increase the volume. For this reason, we have an 11:00 pm - 8:00 am "Quiet Time" in place and request that all guests respect this. Visitors NOT staying at Blue Spruces overnight are requested to exit the property by the designated "Quiet Time" of 11:00 pm.

What are your policies regarding shortening stays?

If advanced notice outside of 48 hours prior to your scheduled arrival date is given, then reservations can be modified, but not to less than 3 nights. If a reduction of nights is requested within 48 hours of your scheduled arrival date, then you are obligated to pay 50% of the nightly rate inclusive of HST. Should you choose to shorten your stay for any reason during your occupied time at Blue Spruces, there are no refunds provided, and full payment is required.

Do you have beach access?

The Blue Spruces property is waterfront and has private access to the beach. We have a wooden staircase consisting of approximately 20 steps that guests can use. We have also installed a shower, foot tap, and hose at the top of the steps. The steps are fairly steep which can make it difficult for those requiring walking assistance.

Can I request a specific cottage?

You sure can but based upon how far in advance you book, we cannot guarantee it. Simply reserve directly through this website as you can view and book a cottage by number and type.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

We have 5 modems and two booster routers located at various points around the property. As a result of the area we are located in, we only receive between 10-25MB download speed. Although we do seem to have a fairly consistent connection, we cannot guarantee it throughout the entire property and some areas will receive a stronger signal than others. Again, we do not guarantee a connection.

Do you allow pets?

Blue Spruces Cottages is indeed pet-friendly, but only a maximum of two. For safety reasons, we ask that dogs are kept on secure leashes to prevent any unwanted encounters with other guests and animals. In order to protect our furniture and linen, we ask that you keep pets off the furniture and linen, period. Pet owners are also requested to clean up after their pets. Please note that dogs can run freely when on the beach. NEW 2023: Due to an unwelcomed increase in the condition our cottages are left in upon departure, we have sadly introduced a new fee for pets. Effective the 2023 season, there will be a $12 + HST fee for a single pet and $15 for a maximum of two pets/per night. Weekly rates are also available. All Pets must be disclosed at the time of check-in. Fees will be added to any balance owed at that time. Please visit our Pet Policies page.

What are your policies toward smoking and drug use?

We have a strict non-smoking or drug use policy WITHIN our cottages. Guests are permitted to smoke around the property but we ask them to be mindful and respectful towards those that do not smoke, especially children. This policy includes cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, and any form of smoking inclusive of all recreational drugs. Any guest found to be in violation of this policy will be de-listed from returning to Blue Spruces and fined $1,000.

Please note that this policy includes the use of Cannabis. Even though it has been legalized in Canada, the use of Cannabis is strictly forbidden ANYWHERE on the property. We are family and pet-friendly, so please respect this.

Some reviews have indicated additional fines, can you explain these?

For the most part, our guests respect our property and the items provided. Unfortunately, there are a few (0.1%) that have been issued fines upon departure. These situations are rare. Fines have been issued when our policies have been discarded such as missing inventory items without disclosure, pets being allowed by their owners on the furniture and bedding creating additional cleaning charges, or damages to our property. We run our business based upon a level of mutual respect and 99.9% of the time, this works. Due to unfortunate recent events, we have revised our policies. Sadly, this has resulted in a Security Deposit being implemented effective the 2021 season.

Do the cottages have fire pits?

We have a number of waterfront fire pits on site. They are all located at the front of the property overlooking the Northumberland Strait. They are free to use for guests and available on a first-come basis. Firewood can be purchased onsite or at the local convenience store.

Do you allow fireworks/Lanterns?

Private firework displays are illegal on Prince Edward Island unless with a permit from the Fire Marshalls' office. Fire lanterns are also prohibited.  

Do you have laundry services?

We do have a washer and dryer available for guests to use. These are located behind cottage #8 and are open between the hours of 9:00 am - 8:00 pm daily. The machines are free for guests to use. Guests do need to supply their own laundry detergent. 

Do you have cots and cribs available?

We do have a few cots and cribs available for guests to use. Availability is based upon check-in. We do recommend you bring them with you just in case they are being used by other guests upon your arrival. Should you not be able to bring your own, reach out to us and we will do what we can to accommodate.


Do you clean the cottages daily?

Unlike hotels and motels, we do not provide daily housekeeping. We provide fresh linen, towels, and toilet paper in your cottage at the beginning of your stay. Should you be staying with us for more than 4 nights and require fresh linen/towels or to replenish toilet paper during your stay, they are available through the main office. Fresh linen/towels are not a daily service. We do recommend guests bring their own towels for extended stays.

Do you allow trailers on the property?

As we are NOT a trailer park, we do not have facilities to feed trailers with regard to power, water, or waste disposal. We do permit guests that rent a cottage to park their small trailers/RVs should they bring them (such as 17' camper vans - maximum size), but prior notice is required. No guest is permitted to stay in the trailers/RVs while on site.

Do you allow tents on the property?

Typically not as we are not a camping site. This can be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Party tents for large gatherings such as weddings are a possibility but must be arranged and approved well in advance. Party tents are only entertained when the entire property is reserved for a given function. Guests are responsible for making arrangements and ensuring generators are supplied for any additional power usage. It is the responsibility of guests to ensure the facility is cleaned up and items returned to their designated areas within 24 hours of their function ending.

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