Blue Spruces Cottages Rates

14 Cottages to choose from:

​We have a total of 14 cottages here at Blue Spruces. 11 of which are 2 bedrooms while the other 3 are three-bedroom cottages. Each cottage has its own unique feel to it and guests are more than welcome to request a specific cottage at the time of booking, however, we can only suggest you book early to prevent disappointment over not getting the cottage of your choice.

Below are our upcoming Nightly rates for the 2021 season.

Blue Spruces Cottages 2018 Rates

Cottages 1, 2 & 3​: Two Bedroom consisting of 2 Queen Beds

Cottage 4: Three Bedroom consisting of 2 Doubles and 2 Single Beds

Cottage 5​: Two Bedroom consisting of 1 Queen & 1 Double Bed

Cottages 6 & 7​: Two Bedroom consisting of 2 Double Beds

Cottage 8​: Three Bedroom consisting of 2 Queen and 1 Double Bed

Cottage 9​: Three Bedroom consisting of 1 Queen, 2 Doubles and 1 Single Bed

Cottages 10 - 15​: Two Bedroom consisting of 2 Double Beds

Please note:

Our rates are increasing by $6 per night for the 2022 season.

2021 Weekly Rates!


As we have already started taking reservations for the 2022 season, here are the revised rates. Please note we have also created new MONTHLY rates should that become of interest to anyone (subject to availability). You will note that our pricing structure has also been amended based upon the month.